STD 5000 I P Current To Pressure Transducer

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The Shreyan – Branat PI – CPT7000 series I/P transducers represent the “state of the Art” in pneumatic signal conversion.


Shreyas Instruments  STD 5000 series of current to pressure (I/P) Transducers represent the highest standard in I/P Technology. The rugged IP-65 housing, compact size and the revolutionary “Plug-In-E-PI Module” couple with Brandt’s field proven technology, make them the most accurate, reliable and simplest I/P’S to install, operate and maintain in the industry. The 5000 series are similar in specification except that STD 6000 series are fitted with necessary flame arrestors and are certified ones for hazardous area.

  • Accuracy of ±0.15% Span.
  • Field Proven “E-Pi”Technology is unaffected by Vibration, Shock or Mounting Position
  • Air consumption of 0.06 SCFM. (Typical)
  • Output capacity of 4.0 SCFM.
  • CIMFR Certification for intrinsically safe and Explosion proof Installations.
  • Operating Temperature Range (-)20° to 66°C
  • Rugged IP-65 Enclosure
  • Field selectable Direct, Reverse and split Range.
  • STD 5000 is for non hazardous applications

Brandt’s “E-Pi” Transducer Technology

The STD5000 and STD6000 Series of I/P Transducers utilize Brandt’s Patented field proven, “E-Pi” transducer technology. This revolutionary breakthrough provides the industry with its first “solid state”I/P Transducer.

Brandt’s “State of the art” E-Pi Technology uses Minimal electrical energy and air consumption to convert an electronic input signal (4-20 mA or 10-50 mA) to a proportional pneumatic output signal (3-15PSIG, 0.2-1Kg, etc).

The E-Pi Tranducer utilizes “a virtually weightless membrane” that is electromagnetically positioned over a nozzle to precisely modulate the pneumatic (back pressure) output. The low mass membrane is held in a continuously balanced position, providing an output that is unaffected by shock, vibration or mounting position. The output of the E-Pi is then fed into an integral volume booster to deliver a pneumatic output signal with an output capacity of 4.0 SCFM

Additional information

Weight 3.63 kg
Dimensions 12 × 23 × 56 cm
Supplier's Manufacturer's name


Input signal

4 to 20mA

Air supply input to E/A converter

1.4 Kg/cm2


Varies with respect to model.

Output air capacity

4.0SCFM approx.


±0.15% OF SPAN


0.05% OF SPAN

Air supply pressure effect for ± 1% input air supply pressure change


Input Resistance

4.2 V max

Span adjustment

> ± 2% of span

Zero adjustment

> ± 2% of span

Field Adjustable for Direct/Reverse action


Mounting & Mounting Accessories


Enclosure Class


Ambient conditions

Up to 66°C Up to 95% RH

Storage Condition

Up to 85°C Up to 100% RH

Insulation Resistance

> 10Mohm at 100 V DC

Case material

Varies with respect to model.

Standard followed for painting


Input Air Supply Connection details

1/4" NPT (F)

Cable entry details

1/2" NPT (F)

Pneumatic Output Signal Connection details

1/4" NPT (F)

Terminal Connection type & size