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We, Shreyas Instruments Pvt.Ltd. is an ISO90001-2015 certified organisation established 3 decades ago. We are based in Chennai, and are the manufacturers of Current to Pneumatic convertors (I/P convertors), Pressure to Current convertors (P/I convertors), Pressure gauges and Cable glands. The convertors were manufactured in Technical collaboration with Brandt Instruments, USA– now part of Thermo Electron Corporation, for the manufacture of I/P convertors and P/I convertors.

The I/P convertors employ a state of the art electronic feed-back technique and achieve a high accuracy of 0.15%, linearity of .06%, very low air consumption and an output capacity of 4.5 scfm.

Each I/P converter go through series of vigorous tests like vibration test, flow test, pneumatic leak test, Megger test, mounting inclination test etc. finally, each I/P converter is put through a cycle test of 1000 cycles so as to ensure maximum life and performance of the product before it reaches our customers.

Our products have been extensively used by various customers in India and abroad, and have been very successful and popular in process, control and instrumentation engineering. It is certified by IP-65, CMRI, Type tests like EMI/EMC test, SEISMIC test, Ambient temp test etc. and successfully approved by organisations like NPCIL, L&T, Hindustan Dorr Oliver, KSB MIL CONTROLS, NTPC etc.

Shreyas Instruments Pvt.Ltd. was added to PLACKA GROUP OF COMPANIES in 2015.

The PLACKA group was established in 1972 by Dr. P.J JACOB, a Technocrat with an aim of catering the needs of Process Control Industry in India. It was converted into a private Limited company and was named PLACKA INSTRUMENTS INDIA PVT. LTD., in the year 1998 with Mr. J. Vitto Placka as Managing Director and Mrs. Nimmy Vitto as the Director. Placka instruments have been pioneers in the field of process control industry for more than 4 decades and have been manufacturing filter regulators, rotameters, pressure gauges etc. Shreyas now has the added advantage of strong PLACKA expertise and service helping us to achieve the best quality products and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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